Why Buy to Let?

Jigsaw Letting Selby

Free consultation with no obligation we can offer advice on what to buy, where to buy, and give an approximate rental value.

Buy to Let is still an interesting way to build up a good investment, with industry experts still predicting a solid future for buy-to-let, the days of rocketing short-term capital growth are gone, yet long-term Buy to Let investors are set to benefit.

Jigsaw Letting is not an investment consultant, but as property values and rental yields continue to fluctuate wildly, informed letting advice on your investment decision has never been more important. Like any investment there is an element of risk, Buy to Let comes with no guarantees.

It is important when buying an investment property that you make an appointment with Jigsaw Letting who can provide expert advice on both finding the right property and doing the maths regarding the rent you are likely to get from your investment.

Please contact us on 01757 241123 for an initial free consultation to discuss your investment plan.